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Eco-Futures is a boutique international real estate development company with operations in Belize that specializes in real estate sales in premier real estate developments.
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Our Team

At Eco-Futures we are committed to excellence and strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that all facets of development, design and construction are met with the highest level of care and workmanship.

George Mock

Chairman & General Manager

George is a highly experienced and well- rounded Chairman of the Board and General Manager and with strong expertise in Project Management of large scale operations.


George graduated in 1972 with a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of California Davis and has 44 years of project and construction management experience in all facets of multi- million & billion dollar oil & gas projects for ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil & Maersk Oil. George is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the State of Texas having worked on numerous civil engineering projects/road building contracts, as well as having managed major mixed-use development projects as the owner/developer, including home construction of over 500 homes during his career as a certified General Contractor by the State of California.


George has a proven track record of process development, planning, contracting, design, construction, executing, and entire delivery in land development, multi-family dwelling residential sub-divisions and commercial construction in both California and Texas. George also has a strong background and experience in supply chain logistics, including tender development, contracting, interface management, training, including strong process management and mentoring skills. As a board member he provides leadership in company set-up and expansion.

Alfonso Bailey

Assistant General Manager

As a charter Full Member of the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve (SRWR), and shareholder/director of Eco-Futures, Belizean born Alfonso “Fonz” Bailey’s knowledge of both the SRWR and Sanctuary Belize from its inception is unparalleled.


Fonz first showed Colin the property that would eventually become SRWR in 1998, and was the development company’s foreman for the initial residential subdivision; additionally, Fonz also coordinated and oversaw the original land design team to obtain surveys, LIDAR and master planning of the first phase community.


As the longest tenured employees / partners in the Reserve and development company, Fonz spearheaded workforce development and grew the workforce to over a hundred skilled tradesmen and specialists. He is a seasoned coordinator at executing development plans as articulated by the General Manager.

Frank Connelly

Director of Compliance

Frank brings over 20 years of experience in risk management, project management, government interaction and sustainability planning to the development.


Frank is a capable Board member with a deep understanding of the history and structure of the Reserve and the development. Frank has had a significant impact on the country of Belize and is well received in the halls of Government. His accomplishments include:


•  Speaker and public sector delegate to the Belize Department of Energy

•  Consultant to Belize Ministry of Sustainable Development

•  Commendation by Belize Central Building Association

•  Former consultant to Kingdom of Cambodia Development Corporation

•  Former consultant to Government of India Department of Science andTechnology

Kelly Roy

Director of Communications

Kelly is our Communications Director and holds a Bachelor’s degrees in both Information Technology and Justice Studies with a minor in Communications. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Ballistic Forensics and later graduated the top of the Police Officers Academy. She was an appointed volunteer judge for over 14 years and presided over both civil litigation and civil traffic hearings. Since 2003 Kelly has worked in the construction field as a Utility Infrastructure and Railroad Coordinator. Currently she heads up the Utility Infrastructure Engineering Branch for the fourth largest county in the US.


Kelly’s diverse background allows her to understand all the different elements required to get our projects coordinated. More importantly, she recognizes the value of a strong community and the necessity for quality, timely and factual communication.

Anthony Mock

CEO of ABM Development & Design

As President and CEO of ABM Development and Design, Anthony has in-depth involvement in the daily operations of the company and participates in all aspects of corporate management. He closely monitors activities associated with ABM’s entire conceptual and hard-bid estimating processes. Anthony is involved in every project throughout the pre-construction and construction phases, instilling ownership in his team members and encouraging a team environment for all parties involved.


Anthony is a graduate of the University of Miami and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural and Structural Engineering; he also has a concentration in Building Construction Management.

Bill Allen

Project Manager

William is responsible for managing all aspects of the project, including the scheduling and the oversight of subcontractors, ensuring on-time completion, and delivery with the highest level of quality. Additionally, Bill also oversees project budgeting, schedules and enforcement of contractual provisions from pre-bid to warranty. His extensive knowledge spans all phases of construction from excavation through building finishes.


As a Master Builder, he has worked all phases of construction on large residential and commercial projects for the past 40 years. Bill also possess experience in the land development process, managing project due diligence and development field operations.